Many of us have spent the last 8-12 weeks in some form of lockdown and I imagine for some people, you’re beginning to get in the swing of it.  We are adaptable creatures and whilst sometimes we fear change, we are generally pretty resilient.

We have adapted to our new normal and that new normal will be entirely influenced by the priorities in your life.  Children, work, pets, volunteering, baking banana bread etc.  Whilst I’m sure all of us could agree that we can’t wait to be able to hug family members from different households and see friends and colleagues in the flesh rather than through Zoom, there maybe some part of you that is a little apprehensive.

And that’s OK, our old normal doesn’t exist anymore.

It’s another change.  There’s concern around risks and the level of safety but it’s also the unknown.  We don’t know how it’s going to go and for many people, we still don’t know exactly when our lives are going to change again, we just know it will happen, it’s already starting to happen.

We’ve been talking for weeks now about trying to see the opportunities – business and personal in this situation.  There are so many negative things to come out of this situation but we can make a few changes that mean we will have some positive changes too.

Reflection time: What changes have we already made in our lives that we can take forward into this new way of life? Try writing it down.  What are the top 5 things that you prefer now? 

Our lives won’t go back to the old normal, this is our chance to forge a new path and a ruddy great new path at that!  Try and avoid the word normal at the moment before you get sucked back into comparing how things used to be – focus on what you would like them to be.

Now’s the time to reflect and to request for the changes we want to improve our wellbeing.

Action time: Look into your company wellbeing strategy, offer some suggestions that would work for you and if you don’t have one, reach out to find out how to create one.  It’s a simple process and now is the time that we all need to think differently about how we look after each other.

You are more resilient than you think you are.

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As an experienced board member and Managing Director, our founder, Laura Capell-Abra knew that the day to day fire-fighting of running a business often over-took the need to look to the future. No More Ifs or Buts was developed to help businesses create a culture of continuous development.