Group Coaching

Training is expensive, we know what it is like to only have enough money to send your team on one day of training, if that, a year. Looking for a new way of developing and training your team? Have too many skills gaps to be solved with a one-off training course?

Try our annual development plan called Don't Just Be Lunchtime Lessons. Choose 12 of our group coaching sessions below to make up your tailored 12-month programme. We come in and run a monthly, interactive session for up to 20 of your team. One hour a month, in your office where you know that your team won't be away from their desks all day and they can put their new learnings into practice that very afternoon. It all helps build a culture of continuous development.

Many of the sessions are also available as half-day and full-day workshops for when you want to delve a bit deeper into a subject and really embed their learning. To receive a personalised quote please complete the web form and we can get back to you shortly to discuss this more.

1. What does a group coach do?

Group coaching involves one of our experienced coaches/facilitators working with a team, from managers and executives down to apprentices – we encourage having a mixed group of personnel in our programmes as we like bringing employees of all levels together as a bit like a secret team building activity. These sessions are what we see as the modern approach to training.

2. How much is a group coaching programme?

To receive a personalised quote regarding our group coaching sessions please complete our contact form and we can get back to you shortly to discuss this more.

Whilst our general group coaching programmes are for all team members, we also offer leadership group programmes for more senior members, please speak to us about your bespoke needs.

3. What size group for coaching?

Our group coaching sessions are typically for groups no larger than 20 people per coach however, we can facilitate for larger groups. Submit your enquiry here.

4. How is group coaching different to training?

Essentially, training is about transferring knowledge while coaching is about enhancing knowledge or skills. Obviously, coaching is a way to apply learning in an informed way. Training hopes that learners will remember knowledge so it can be applied. Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

Two fundamentals in our group coaching that sets it apart from training is helping individuals gain self-awareness and assist them with setting clear monthly, quarterly and yearly goals which will be a part of a tailored plan we help them create in each group coaching session.

5. What are the benefits of group coaching?

Group coaching allows companies to achieve the benefits employees would get from career coaching but at a more affordable price. To find out more about our group coaching opportunities click here. It also offers a more modern approach to standard training, with our group coaching programme covering many soft skills that might be beneficial to multiple members of the team.

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