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5 Top Tips to keep you focused on the big picture

January 15, 2017

As an entrepreneur, you always have a never-ending list of things to do. You start ticking off tasks, but the list keeps growing, and most times you can’t stop and take a hard look at the overall plan. You’re constantly in “go go go mode.”


Owing to the number of tasks that are left uncompleted, there is always an allure to shift focus and engage in other menial task separate from the big picture. This can wade focus from the things that are of uttermost importance to subjacent tasks thereby, resulting in less productivity.  Basically, you’re missing the important things. 

However with astute planning and organisation, the focus on the big picture can still be maintained. The following five tips will give you insight on how to focus on the big picture;


1. Hire the right team

Hiring the right people into your business, will not only help in focusing on the big picture, it can also help in increasing the overall productivity of the organisation. These people should be properly assessed to see if they possess the right skill sets and if they are a good fit for the company’s vision. Apart from hiring the right people, new employees should be given proper orientation about the big–picture goals and take personal responsibility in achieving them.If they don’t know the strategy, how they can action it and achieve it?


2. Schedule meetings for big picture discussions

Meetings should be scheduled at regular intervals with the senior team to discuss planning and growth. During this period there is apt brainstorming, new ideas and several issues are explored. Each member of the team is given a new vigour and proper reminder about the objective of the organisation.It’s easy to forget the strategy when new ideas distract you away.


3. Automate the business

Automating the business will help free up time for strategic planning and thinking. With the constant innovation of technology, most day-to-day tasks can easily be passed to a computer or machine that requires little or no instructions to operate. This will result in less complaint or worries because machines are generally 90% efficient. Makes your business efficient. Use tried and tested processes and checklists to ensure quality control and high-speed decision making.


4. Manage your momentum

Momentum is like a lubricant for discipline that helps facilitate the process of achieving goals. If you are looking to reach a specific target, regular actions should be taken towards achieving the goal. Keeping a sound pace will keep the fire burning and give you an obsession with the big picture in mind.


5. Trust your team

You will not know how much your team can achieve without you until you give them the go ahead to take leadership positions and use their ingenuity to craft something good. Trusting the people you work with will bolster their confidence and encourage them to do more and Be Better - in a bid to prove their level of commitment and competency. Consequentially, it will take your mind off any worries that you are leaving tasks in the hands of incompetent people. And when your mind is at peace it can focus on the things that really matter the most.  The big picture…


No More Ifs Or Buts.

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