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My kind-of diary

May 10, 2018

This week I have decided to take a little bit of my own medicine and take a break. 


I have been working on the balancing act of Being and Doing.  I am a do-er by nature, I love to keep moving, even my break is involving me doing a HiT workout every day, reading as much as I can (3 books so far - win!) and trying to manage a business from the side of a pool.  That's a lot to do in a 4 day break!  So I've been forcing myself to do some reflection too (just to add more to my things to do list!) so I can make sure I fit in a little Being too.


One thing I've come back to a few times whilst reflecting is how we are so indoctrinated in a 9-5 world and how I know that it just doesn't work for me.  I've managed to break away slightly and do things my way and I am often helping people to do the same thing but it is a big challenge for so many because of the corporate worlds they work in. 


Why do we still have to conform to this industrial revolution borne 9-5 work policy?  Did you know that the working hours of 9-5 came about because they were the hours that there was most daylight - because when these hours were first introduced - there was no electricity!!!!  Our world is so totally different now and yet we are still conforming to this working practice.  


I look forward to our world shifting to play catch up with the rise of technology and people being given the freedom to work fluidly - how we want, when we want.  Letting people work to their own productive periods and letting people balance their lives how they want.  Until that point, I get to reflect on how happy I am that I've started a company from scratch - meaning I get to think about each element of it from scratch - in true coaching style, at every point, we have asked "why?" Why should we do things in a certain way just because everyone else does?  


Why do 1 thing in a day when I can do 3?! - I appreciate an approach that not many people share but it suits the NMIOB team.  If I can plan my time so I get to run my business from the side of a pool (take it from me - the beach is not conducive to work!) every so often and I get to have long weekends with my family but I decide to do some work on the Saturday morning, then for me that is a win.  Whilst most of my clients work 9-5, it doesn't mean I have to.    


I wouldn't have it any other way though, I know I get bored.  Over the last month, I have spoken at 4 events, started work with 4 new clients and re-written my entire marketing strategy.  Some would call it busy.  I learnt years ago that as with my favourite subject of stress - everyone's interpretation of busy is different. 


So this month I'd urge you to think about how you like spending your time.  Making sure that where you can, you plan your week so it makes sense for you, not just because it always has been.  Ask Why? when you can.  Don't let it just be busy.


No more ifs or buts.

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