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Dream teams that aren't just about personality types

March 20, 2017

Your dream team should be a perfect epitome of collaboration, effectiveness, unity and productivity. A team with such features however, is hard to pull together. 


If you are lucky enough to have these individuals already in your business, great news!  Now you just need to harness their skills and often that is just as hard as finding new people from scratch.


Gather your team around a shared vision.

A team that is built with a clear goal in mind tend to have a higher propensity for success. Not only do the members of such teams have a clear picture of where they are going to, they also have more drive and show a higher level of dedication due to the definiteness of purpose.


Typically, in a company, employees do not start with a shared vision. As a business owner it becomes your responsibility to ensure that everyone is clear on the ultimate goal - and why it is important. Find out why each person cares about the purpose of the company and use this as motivation to drive success.


Lead employees to strive for personal bests.

Each employee should be pushed to be their individual best.  Career coaching is a great tool to support this.  Creating a culture of continuous development ensures that your team don’t think they have cracked it, always aware and looking for the next way to improve their skills and the success of the company.


Celebrate successes with the team, and ensure your up and coming leaders also celebrate other people’s successes.  This needs to be a team effort, not too focused on individual competitiveness.


Value the individual strengths of each employee.

Each person is an essential member of the team, so you should help them recognise how they can better support the group. It is important to train, encourage and inspire them along the way to make each person feel important and knowing that they have an important role to play in the success of the business.


To do that, constantly show each person how his or her strengths will elevate the team so that their role and value is clear.  We are big fans of Strengths Finder 2.0.  If you’ve not yet tried it, do it! 


Encourage camaraderie.

Egos and jealousy destroy team effort. As a team leader, emphasis should be made on succeeding together as a team, you can all accomplish more as a team. Remind everyone that the success you are working toward - the success of your business – is a victory that will be shared. The star players can only help lift you.


Promote a culture of support.

Mental pressure to meet an ambitious target (especially when working long hours) can be more difficult than the physical obstacles. Sometimes, it can weigh down a key team player, and this can also affect the general performance of the team as observed in some cases. Sportsmanship and friendliness should be encouraged amongst the team. In a system where there is constant support and encouragement from everyone, not just the leader, you are poised to have a team together even when the pressure increases.


So there you have it, some top tips on how to bring your team together to be the dream team you need to drive your business forward.


No More Ifs Or Buts.

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