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Coaching: A secret weapon for success

December 23, 2016


Top-level executives have been paying coaches for years to help them with understanding situations, making decisions and managing conflict.  However times have changed and it's not just for the C-board anymore, anyone can benefit: those made redundant, 20 - 60 year olds, people just starting out working, those trying to get back into work and those just wanting that extra push to help them get further in their career.


In today's rapidly changing and unpredictable workplace, even the most confident people ask "where is my place," “what is facing me across the corner” and "what is my future here ..." most times, the answers to these questions are not forthcoming - and many people are turning to coaching for support.


Being coached by a former senior executive (which most career coaches are) means that regardless of your current career level, you benefit from years of experience and an impartial view on your choices.  Whether you yourself are making a new year’s resolution or a company that sees the benefit of ensuring the team are motivated and enthused in their work, coaching has a big impact on career development.  


Recent research from Monster.com provided an astonishing statistic - 75% of people are unhappy at work, but only 50% are willing to do something about it."


If you are reading this article then you are halfway to creating your success.


So what do you want more? A more fulfilling career? A pay rise? More responsibility? More time to spend with your family? To build your own business?


There are 7 key steps you can take to help you achieve the success you deserve in your career:


1. Auto Analysis - think about what you love. What are your values? What really matters to you? What do you want most in your career?  


2. Your natural talents - What skills do you prefer to use? (Do not enlist all your skills, only the ones you really like). What really catches your interest? What is your most desired work environment?


3. Faith in yourself – it is easy to forget that you can take control of your own future. The most successful people you know probably love what they do, they give their best and wouldn’t mind not been paid for it. If they are able to achieve their goals, so can you.


4. Action Plan - break your goals into small manageable steps. As each step is completed, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and greater confidence.


5. Do Not Stop – it will be challenging and uncomfortable. There will be good and bad days. Upon reaching those bad days, do not stop! Countless number of people did not succeed because they stopped too early.


6. Time - work on your career plan regularly (eg every Wednesday night / Sunday afternoon). By creating a degree of consistency in your time plan, you can more easily avoid the temptation of being distracted.


7. Support - the most successful people do not pursue their goals in a vacuum. They have someone to give them feedback, encouragement and ideas. This person should help keep you on track.


Creating your desired career is difficult. It is easy to forget sometimes when things get tough, as they say, Good things come to those who wait.  Be patient, but don’t wait and do nothing. By accepting every knock-back, you can learn to use every challenge as a means to learn something new.


Those who are successful in their careers do not give up no matter what. The question is: will you try to get through this on your own? Or will you engage an expert who will help you move faster and ultimately get a better result?


Get in touch with your secret weapon now. 


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