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Embracing your inner entrepreneur

October 23, 2016

According to Business Dictionary, an Entrepreneur is someone who exercises initiative by organising a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced.




An entrepreneur is not just a person who starts a business, an entrepreneur runs a business. An entrepreneur is a leader and initiator who has drive, passion and inner burning desire to achieve set down goals. He or she takes calculated risks and see opportunities that are not obvious for many people to see.  And I think is something that lots of people miss, people mix inventors and entrepreneurs - it’s not just about coming up with ideas, you have to turn them into reality.  It’s also important to see that it doesn’t have to be starting a business - it’s about a venture.  Ventures can be in your personal life, within your existing business or of course, as a new company.   


Entrepreneurs are not special kind of people, they are people who have passed through different processes of learning. Most of them fail many times before they eventually become successful. Some of them fail just at the brink of achieving success in a venture. While this serves as a deterrent for most people, the true entrepreneurs pick up themselves and get back on track. They are well aware that every setback or adversity carries with it an equal opportunity for growth. So instead of wallowing in agony because of their failure, they make the best of it by learning the necessary lessons from their failure and taking heed when embarking on the next line of action.  I see it as never giving up and being stubborn about your own chance of success! 


Every one of us is born as an entrepreneur, we all have that inner drive and desire to achieve things in life. Most of us, most of the time don’t look deep in to ourselves to embrace our innate potentials. We just stick with what is easily in front of us, we follow a suggested path, we take the path that we think might balance out the most comfortable life v not too complicated.  This is because many of us lack the right motivation, the belief in ourselves and the right mentors to give us the right guidelines on which steps to follow.  For some, it may be that they have never embarked on a sole mission, while for others they may have stopped trying because of the number of times they have failed. 


I often say Success doesn’t have to be stressful.  And do you know what, failure doesn’t have to be stressful, it’s part of the learning process.  It’s like when you start to learn a bike and you keep falling off and it’s like when you are learning to swim, you practice and you lean on those around you to keep you up-right until you can do it yourself. 

To elicit the entrepreneur in you does not take much, but it involves taking gradual steps moving from mediocrity to greatness. Do something different to your normal day to day. Go out there, get some rejection, fail a little, learn a little from the process and try again until you succeed a little in your goal. Constantly work and improve on yourself. Take out time to expand on your context by attending seminars and events, listening to podcasts, reading books and learning from people that have already done what you’ve done. Choose carefully the kind of people you associate with, your circle of association should be people who are entrepreneurs already or people who are passionate about making the change from mediocrity to greatness.  People that believe that you can do it and will help you to achieve. 




 Maybe volunteer at a business so you can learn how to delay gratification. This will help restructure your thinking from that of dependency to independence as you will learn how to work without earnings (a common part of building a new business!). 


Being an entrepreneur is all about taking action.


Learn and apply your learnings, keep learning, keep expanding your knowledge and if you believe and want to start a new venture, you will.  You will fail on the way but every time you fail, you are one step closer. 

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