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Never too late to change careers

April 6, 2016

Today is a proud day for me.  This is the day that one of my clients has started hew new life.  I’m super proud of her as I used to be one of her clients, she was my Personal Trainer and she helped me change my mind-set around my health and fitness.  I was honoured enough to help her change her mind-set and she is now embarking on an new exciting journey.


Whilst many people decide that the change they want in life is to work for themselves, she had been running her own successful business for over 10 years.  As she turned 40, she realised that she wanted to work for someone else, she wanted to work in a bigger team and she wanted to learn some new skills.  


We worked through what it was that she liked about her current life and what she felt she was missing.  Through working out what careers would suit her and give her the life that she was looking for, she had a new plan.  She sold her business and got herself a new job working at a beautiful venue close to her house.  She now works for someone else, works in a team of over 50 people and will be leaning new skills everyday. 


Today she had her first day at her new job, in her new career and I’ve had a text this evening to tell me show loves it!  And to add to that, in a couple of weeks she is taking my advice about seeing the world and is going to visit Canada, a place that she had dreamt about visiting for years but had never got to the point of booking her tickets.   


It can be really easy to carry on with your life as it is, your life doesn’t need to be bad to be able to make it better and you don’t have to be having a horrible time, desperately needing an escape.  Wanting to improve your life and make yourself even happier, stronger, wealthier, more successful - that can happen any day. 


Sometimes you just need a coach to help you work out your path and keep you on track.


No more ifs or buts.

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