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Drama under the stars

August 18, 2015

I don’t have the patience to sit in my living room and watch a film for 2 hours, the world of multi-screens and too many other things going on means that I’m too distracted thinking about if I heard the washing machine cycle finish or if I need to check on dinner.  Put me in an outdoor cinema though and I’m glued to the screen for 2 hours.  The romance and the novelty of outdoor cinemas doesn’t get old for me.

It started about 10 years ago when some friends and I went to West Australia and went to an outdoor cinema in Broome, Australia to see an Inconveinent Truth.  A strange film to watch generally but with our discovery trip of West Australia it was a film to support our views that we were small people in a big world that we were only just conquering.  What made that day one of the most memorable days of my life was the magic and romance around doing new and differnet things.  Hiring scooters and driving/wobbling to a rock pool, clambering around like fools on rocks and then driving to an outdoor cinema, all in 30+ degrees, it really was perfect.  Sitting outside, in the early evening warmth that other countries take for granted and in England we will never properly experience, a cold beer in hand and good friends by your side - priceless.


A few years went by and my love of that day faded into the background until a trend in events emerged about London where everyone started to put on outdoor cinemas.  I couldn’t be more pleased that they have made it to the shores of our little island.  Now, you clearly don’t get the warmth of my Australian evening but I have convinced myself now that there is something to be said about an outdoor cinema that you have to wrap yourselves in blankets to enjoy (#evertheoptimist).  Yes, you could obviously watch it at home in the comfort of your own home but where is the fun in that?


Across London, pop-up cinemas appear every summer, Somerset House, various parks, One New Change, the list is endless.  The rise and rise of Secret Cinema an immersive theatre, music and film production that has pioneered ‘Live Cinema’.  According to their website, they create 'immersive, cultural experiences'.  I have to agree, the films I’ve seen (and paid 3 times the cost of a normal cinema ticket) in their live format, are some of the memorable cinema experiences I have had.  It isn’t cheap, at about £50 a ticket, it is an expensive trip to the cinema, but it is so much more than watching a film.  You become part of the film and re-live all those famous scenes with your friends in random, secret locations across London. 


My love extended to even including an outdoor cinema night into our wedding weekend, the night before the wedding.  At a vineyard in Italy, on the Friday night, we gathered everyone round to watch The Wedding Singer with pizzas and cocktails on tap.  What else are you supposed to do the night before you get married?!


There may be no logical reasons why an outdoor cinema should be such an enjoyable experience but to me, they will always be magical.


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