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A new look for a new outlook

August 8, 2015

For the last 2 years I have been banging on about changing my hairstyle but as we know, there's always an excuse to delay doing anything big or dramatic in your life. My excuse was I had our wedding coming up and it's not a good idea to do any dramatic hairstyle changes before a big day with photographers.


However that means for the last year I've had the same hair and now it's time to change it! I've regularly been one of those girls that has gone for the dramatic hair cut after a break up, for starting a new job, any excuse really - a hair cut is a way of making a statement to yourself and others that you've got a new outlook, not just a new look.


Getting married has had the same kind of impact on me, it's a new phase of my life and the princess look of long flowing locks traditionally associated with wedding days now feels like it's too girly for me. I want to feel like I mean business now. My love affair with the blonde pixie cut started with Carey Mulligan's hair. As I've just posted this photo, I've seen that I actually screen-grabbed this in February 2013, so it really has been a long time in the waiting!



There are some great styles around at the moment, and as I do love an inspiration board, these were some of the styles which I took with me to the hairdressers.  It's so important to have a selection of styles with you.  If you focus too much on one particular style, there is such a high chance you will not get what you want.  As I unfortunately don't look like Carey, I had to look slightly wider for some hair inspiration.




Now you'll notice something here, it's not quite the blonde pixie cut I had in mind!  I think the hairdresser was more nervous about going that dramatic than I was!  However, when you look back at my inspiration board, they weren't all pixie cuts, but some short bob dramatic hairstyles.  That's why it is important to find a few styles as what you think you may want, may not be quite as simple as you think!  it might not be what I thought I wanted, but I love it and I'm a big believer in trusting the qualified expert rather than my dedication to pinterest.  ​


 Sombre is the new trend which I am also now rocking.  It's like Ombre, where you have lighter hair at the ends and dark hair at the top but more subtle - Sombre.  I hadn't heard of it before but now I've started to see if everywhere, Jessica Alba and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley don the Sombre and it makes hair look so healthy.  


There is a Headmasters round the corner from my office and if you can sneak out of work early, they do 25% off all treatments if your appointment starts before 4pm.  When you're going for cut and colour, it saves you a lot of money.  


If you're nervous about going for a dramatic hair cut, spend the time talking to the hairdresser, they all do consultations and you can sit there flicking through loads of photos and a good hairdresser will recommend what suits your face type and your hair type.  


I still have the dream of that Carey hair and I'm one big step closer, but for now, this is change enough.

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