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My kind-of diary: February

March 2, 2016

February has been quite chilled.  Workload has been totally manageable and so I’ve been doing normal person hours which means I’ve been able to enjoy a social life this month – hurrah!  Lots of family and friend time with also lots of time at home rather than catapulting myself around the country to see people.


What it has also meant is that I have had time to action some plans that have been on my list for ages.  The wardrobes that I haven’t had since moving into my house over a year ago are finally within touching distance… and the extension planning is moving slowly but is moving and I’m a big believer that any speed of progress is still progress.


Health kick

Partly because of the pressure everyone puts on themselves in January and also because I was pretty busy then, my ‘new year’ health kick only really started this month.  A good old juicing session was in order.  Now I love a juicing for a quick fix, feel good approach to kick-starting a health focus.  Juicemaster with Jason Vale is blimming brilliant.  It’s not sustainable for more than a week and it takes forever to make the juices each night but you don’t get hungry and you do lose weight.  My husband’s approach is to juice during the day and eat a proper meal in the evening which is probably a good way of keeping up momentum and giving you the opportunity to chew which amazingly you do miss quite quickly. 


Needless to say, with my first 4 days of health kick, I rewarded myself with going to the new Brazilian restaurant that opened up near us and drinking lots of red wine…


Getting old

This month I had the first health scare I’ve had in what is years.  As a healthy person, who can’t remember the last time I was ill (finding all of the wood to touch right now!)  I casually went to the opticians to have an eye test and get some new glasses and was told that I needed to urgently attend an eye hospital as the optician was concerned about the health of my eyes. 


Scary stuff! 


I resisted the urge to spend the evening googling what could be wrong with me. I was told I could still drive home so I was slightly re-assured that it couldn’t be all that bad.  But either way, I still had to spend the next morning in a horrible looking hospital to see a specialist. 


Thankfully, everything is fine, I have ‘wear and tear’ on my eyes.  What the heck is that I hear you ask!  I have NO idea, I cannot quite get my head around the fact that my eyes are slightly more used than a normal person, I would like to think it is down to my ‘ever-seeing’ approach to life but I’m not sure that is a medical reason ;-)  What it does mean is that after 24 hours of mild panic, I can relax until I’m in my 60s when I might have more than average problems.  Until then, I am using it as an excuse to sleep more to minimise the wear and tear… 


Career change support

A friend of mine has been struggling with wanting to give up her established business to start a new career with the obvious financial and success concerns that would impact anyone.  This month, I have been very proud that she has taken the plunge, and has committed to making this exciting life change.  She’s a great example to support my previous blog on how to make life-changing changes.  She started by saying it out loud to a few people, asked us what we thought she’d be good at and how to get into different industries, took the plunge and whilst it won’t be plain-sailing, she is well on her way now.  Last night she told her clients her plan and I couldn’t have been prouder of her.  There’s nothing stopping you now!


If you are thinking about changing careers and aren’t quite sure where to start, get in contact with me and we can work together to start you off on the new chapter of your life.



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