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My kind-of diary: January

February 6, 2016

The new year and it has started off with what I hope to be, a sign of things to come.  I have felt a lot less rushed, time has been more forgiving and I have had a great balance of friends, family and time for me.

Traffic talking

We have friends around the country, which means that we are regularly part of the Friday night/Sunday afternoon traffic jam on the M1 or M25.  What this does mean is that the boy and I spend a lot of time in the car and I find (not sure about him!) that it is a great time to talk things through.  There’s nothing like a two hour car journey in a confined space that gives you the opportunity to talk through things in vast detail.  We’ve had a good few of those journeys this month one of which has inspired a plan to change our spending habits.


Financial planning

Since we bought our house a year ago, all we’ve been talking about is The Extension.  We keep talking about it and we have done absolutely nothing to make it happen - nothing.  All that has happened is we’ve had many a car journey debating on where the downstairs toilet should be.  However, this month, this all changed.  Step one.  Work out how much money we can save and how much money we currently have.  Step two.  Try to work our how we can save more money.  Step three can wait until next month...    


For the first time since I was 25, when I was trying to work out how long it would take to pay off my student loan and overdraft, I finally wrote myself a monthly budget.  I’m only a week into it so I can’t comment on if it’s working yet but it was actually pretty liberating looking at that spreadsheet (colour coded of course) and knowing that I could work out a plan.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all good news, I established very quickly that I spend too much money on alcohol and that my holiday plans and extension plans cannot happen in the same year but I have a plan in an area of life that I haven’t had a plan for year, and for that, it felt good. 


Watching little people I love grow


Lots of time spent with my niece and my close friend’s little one.  They’re both less than a year old and they are proper cute.  But as always, I’m torn to find an answer to the question, do I want one, or do I not?  All I can say for now is, I definitely want to spend more time with these two little cuties.  My new favourite thing is finding times where I can see them both together, I love efficiency and all that!

Time to reflect

Becoming self-aware is a huge skill that many people don’t even know about.  It is very easy to go through life just being but not really knowing.  I’ve not suddenly become self-aware in the month of January but what I have discovered this month is that I have to have some time on my own.  As with the most of the UK, I have found the fad of colouring over Christmas and I’m really embracing it.  I can get lost in it for hours.  I find myself wishing I had a bigger selection of colours to choose from!  What I have yet to establish however, is when you’re an adult colouring, what are you supposed to do with them after – is it still ok to put them on the fridge like my mum used to do?


Another month, a step closer to finding the future I want.


No more ifs or buts.

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