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My kind-of diary: December

January 2, 2016

Well I'm taking the fact that this is getting written on the 2nd rather than the 17th of the month as a sign that December was a little less intense than November!


This will definately be helped by the fact that I have been on holiday and there has been the small matter of Christmas in the middle too.  But there has definately been a shift in mindset too.

Being a little bit proud of myself at work

I push myself at work, I'm always making myself do better, always believing that there is more I could do and there is more that I should do.  This month I had a pat on a back that came at just the right time, I got voted number 36 in the Event Top 100.  In my day-to-day world, that's a pretty big deal and gives me the self-confidence that I had started to lack that I do know what I'm doing every day and that I actually can do it pretty well!  Hurrah to me! 


Visiting distant lands

This month we were lucky enough to fulfil a lifetime ambition of mine, visit India.  Seeing somewhere so far removed from my day to day life and somewhere which is so inspiring in terms of their religious harmony was incredibly humbling.  Check out my other posts on India and particuarly the guest one from James on Things he learnt whilst in India.


Getting my photography on

As regular readers will know, I have a love of photography and have been 'learning' over the last few years.  After going on holiday earlier this year and really regretting when we got there that we didn't have a 'big zoom' for our camera, we took the plunge and bought a new lens.  I had so much fun whilst away playing with it and taking photos, some of which I'm pretty proud of.  I have so much respect to photographers of yester-year who used films, how they had to be sure they had taken the best shot as every shot cost them money.  I can't even begin to imagine how many photos I actually took and then deleted, it must be in the thousands.    Check out some more of the photos in my gallery.



Pretend-y Christmas

This was my first Christmas out of the country and I had been a little apprehensive about it.  Thankfully the lure of being on holiday with the Hubby made it a lot easier to bear and actually I quite enjoyed seeing how people experience Christmas in a different country.  


What that did mean however was that we had a grand excuse to have Christmas multiple times, and we managed to escape brussels sprout which I was particularly happy about! We love hosting parties and I particularly enjoy the cooking and baking that inevitably goes along with it.  This year's favs were some ginger cookies courtesy of CookingClassy.com and a ridiculous rocky road chocolate christmas pudding for all those christmas pudding haters courtesy of Jamie Oliver.  If you want to see what else we made, check me out on pinterest. More than anything, the most enjoyable bit is time with friends and family and everyone kicking back and relaxing.  Good times! 



A brilliant beef wellington

I have a very skilled friend who made us all a great beef wellington on new years eve, what a way to end a year and the amazing friends, hot tub, cheese board and prosecco was the perfect way to start the new one.  The obligatory annual trip to McDonalds on new years day and the subsequent inability to move was less of a good start to the new year, but swings and roundabouts!


Other things including giving blood, going to see Elf the Musical (which is hilarious!) and a LOT of The West Wing.  I watched it years ago but since we have started re-watching it, everyone loves a boxset, I am appreciating how funny it is.  If you've never watched it, give it a go, it is brilliant! 


Anyway folks, I hope you've had enjoyable Decembers and in between opening presents, bickering with your siblings and trying to decide how soon you can leave the dinner table to check out the sales on-line, that you've managed to have some time to yourself and reflect on what you have and what you want.  


No more ifs or buts.




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