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New year, new you?

January 1, 2016

How many times have you declared on the 31st December that next year is the year you lose weight, stop smoking, find a new job?  I know I’ve done it, there’s something about the 1st January and a different digit in the year that makes us all feel invincible, that anything is possible.  The countdown to midnight and the 5 glasses of champagne may also have something to do with that but next year is always going to be your year.  The year you get everything you want. 


The husband loves a fad, he’s a big fan of trying new things, sprouting, wheatgrass, bootcamps, all of these things happen for approximately 3 days and then he goes back to his norm.  This is not uncommon but the thing that makes me chuckle every single time is that if he is going to start a new thing, he always starts it on a Monday.  The concept of starting something on any other day of the week is automatically rejected.  This year he is particularly happy that because of when new year falls, the Monday after new year (the 4th), also the day we go back to work, gives him those extra few days before making any changes.  


So it’s made me think about what is it about a date or a day that makes us feel like it’s new and therefore worthy of a new approach?  From speaking to the hubby, he’s admitted that it’s in part down to prioritisation and procrastination.  If he can give himself a few more days of not doing something and delaying it, however much it’s something he wants to do himself.  He thinks that the reason for starting things in January is that Christmas is just too busy with too many things going on that people don’t have the headspace in December to start something new. 


James Clear tells us that it takes over 2 months to form a habit so up until the start of March, whatever you are doing is going to feel like a chore.  And that's just if you're 'average', it could be far longer for you, I know for me it takes at least 3 months before I feel like something is part of my routine.  So frankly, to me, it makes no difference what day of the week a new plan will start, it's going to be many Mondays anyway till it becomes second nature.   


35% of people who are going to start a new years resolution will want to lose weight, 31% will want to eat healthier.  63% of us who commit to a new years resolution will break it, and 43% of those will break it within a month.  (All stats courtesy of The Guardian and Bupa)  So don't put the pressure on yourself, start when it's right for you.  Make it a Wednesday, make it the 12th of the month, it doesn't matter - just go for it whatever day or date it is. 


All that aside, 2016 is totally going to be my year… 


No more ifs or buts.


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