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Re-pay the review recommendation

December 22, 2015

Last night we let Tripadvisor decide for us a place to eat dinner and a tea-shop to visit.  Both were rated extremely highly, #2 for each in the area and that’s why we visited them.  As I checked out the hotel this morning, I saw a sign that rated it top in 2013, a fair accolade from our experience.


I take, take, take when it comes to using this information, memories of disappointing stays in hotels and dodgy restaurants are a thing of the past.  But how many times have I repaid this favour to the rest of the travelling population? 


3 times. 


That is it. 


In exchange for the countless, must be in the hundreds of times, that I’ve used other people’s reviews to guide my decisions, I have bothered to help 3 times. Laziness, busyness and plain forgetfulness, none of which can count as valid excuses for me not to re-pay this favour.  


Tripadvisor have nearly 300 million reviews, with nearly 200 reviews being posted a minute - I am in the minority.  So, in a world where we let other people’s opinions and recommendations guide our decisions more than what marketing tells us to believe about products and services, we should all give fairly.  I have been selfish.     


So, if you ever visit Jaipur, I strongly recommend visiting the Royal Spices and Tea Shop, staying in the Ikaki Niwas homestay and dinner in the Amber Fort will be a day you will not regret.  Look out for my reviews on Tripadvisor…


No more ifs or buts.

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