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It's that first step, or slide, that is the hardest

November 18, 2015

2 years, 10 months and about 5 days ago, I had a skiing accident.  That skiing accident shook me up, I was in pain, I was immobile for months and I had to rely on other people (which I'm not a fan of doing).  


I'd never been that big of fan of skiing either, I was doing it to fit in.  My boyfriend had been on the slopes since he was 10 years old and it was part of his world, I was doing it so I could be involved.  I was useless at it, I spent 2 holidays trying to snowboard, at that point, I found the limit of how long I could spend on my arse.  I tried skiing, which thankfully I was better at.  But on the 2nd holiday, a short 10 minutes into the first day of skiing, at approximately 9:10am on Monday morning, I fell badly.  I damaged my knee, we're not talking comas and life-threatening, but it still hurt like hell. And it still meant that I spent a week on my own in a horrible apartment, got the VIP treatment through the airport and weeks of my other half waiting on me hand and foot (ok, that bit wasn't sound so bad!).  


For the last 2 years, the other half has been on holiday without me, with all of our friends.  I had no interest on pushing myself again, and I had a great excuse in work where my schedule meant that I couldn't have made it anyway.  This year, we got married and I decided enough was enough, I had to start going on holiday with my husband.  


I signed up to a skiing holiday for March.  I've not been on the slopes since I hobbled off in tears those 34 months ago.  After weeks of writing blogs on how to deal with you fears, I decided I should listen to my own advice and face my fear.  I went skiing at the local Snow Centre.


I booked onto a beginners class, knowing full well that I'd been on red slopes before, but knowing that the likelihood of me crying at the top of the button lift was pretty high.  Step by step they took us through how to put a ski on and how to stop, then how to start.  

I did it.


I did it!


I did it without crying!


Well I did it on the baby slope but I had skis on and I didn't end up taking painkillers for months and now I feel unstoppable!  


So I still need to go it alone on the slopes and I still need to make sure I can work my schedule so I don't have to work anyway but I've been back on skiis and now that I've overcome my fear, I might actually enjoy it slightly more than I did before.  (Although I appreciate that the photo doesn't reflect that enthusiasm!)




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