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Just stop for a minute, or ideally a day.

November 9, 2015

 This weekend we were spoilt, we stayed in a beautiful spa for the night courtesy of a very wonderful set of friends buying us a present for our recent wedding.


It was lovely and exactly what the Hubby and I needed after some very tiring weeks at work. We have busy lives, really busy lives and we get sucked into working every hour of the day and as I've spent the last couple of weeks out of the country because of my job, we had some catching up to do.


A little bit of luxury, a little bit of pampering, a little bit of reading and a lot of relaxing and in just 24 hours of not working, I feel rejuvenated. But not being able to get phone reception might have been the biggest blessing, there should be places like that in the middle of the city - not even the London Underground is a haven now they've got wifi below ground! Technology has changed our lives, in good ways and bad.


A great article tells us that 1 in 3 mobile owners would rather give up sex than their phones - you what?! This is just wrong and the only excuse can be that they're having rubbish sex so I will excuse them and feel sorry for them. But the point is that we spend too much time with our phones and apparently 40% of us are addicted to them, this can't be good.


We all need time off-line and we all need time to relax, in whatever way that works for us personally. I cannot promote enough the importance of taking time out and putting your health first. A day might be hard but as the average person checks their phone 110 times per day, let's just start by aiming to only check it 55 times per day, I challenge you (and me).




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