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My Jawbone isn't keeping my secrets

September 24, 2015

I might be able to fool other people but I can’t lie to my Jawbone band. 


It knows I was hungover this morning. 


It very politely told me that my resting heart rate was 20 points higher than normal this morning. I know the reason.  It will be down to the 2 bottles of red wine I consumed last night.  Or maybe it was the prosecco? Or maybe the gin….?  Whichever drink chooses to take the blame, I can’t get away from the fact that my body is now telling my phone that I’m hungover, something which otherwise I feel like I did a pretty good job from hiding from my work colleagues. 


This bothers me.  I’ve been pretty adept in my life to lying to myself about things (mainly what I’ve eaten, how much I’ve drunk, how much I’ve spent) and I often amaze myself about how gullible I can be when I want to be.  Now though, I have a little graph that shows my average is thrown right off kilter because of a night of heavy drinking.  It’s going to affect my averages.  I could just delete that entry but that would be the ultimate lying to myself, wouldn’t it?  So the alternative is be reminded helpfully every couple of hours that maybe I’m dehydrated, that I’m going to be tired today as I went to bed much later than my average and that my steps aren’t as high as normal today, I should go for a little walk round.


No.  Don’t patronise me Jawbone, you and I both know that I was drinking last night and went to bed far too late for a school night, you also know that I’m going to do the minimal amount of walking I can get away with doing today and I’m going to eat my bodyweight in junk food.  The only thing I will give you is I will drink more water today, lots more water, and no more red wine, not ever, or gin, never again, prosecco… no, that would be going too far.


Watch it Jawbone, you and I might fall out, next time just maybe forget to do the recordings that night and we can both just pretend it never happened.


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