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Top 5 tips for wardrobe transition

September 13, 2015

The time came this weekend where I finally admitted that summer had finally gone.  I knew it was coming, the slipper socks have made a re-appearance, the umbrella was used more than once this week and the heating has well and truly been put back on.


It was time to swap the wardrobes over.  Bye bye summer wardrobe full of pretty dresses and shorts that I only ever wear when I’m on holiday, hello big fluffy jumpers, long sleeve dresses and woolly scarves.   


I like this point in the year, don’t get me wrong, I like summer more but I do enjoy the process of clearing out my wardrobe and getting myself mentally ready for the new season.  Summer holidays are over and now I can focus on cooking roasts, afternoons near a pub fire and brisk walks on a Sunday morning.


  1. I would always recommend swapping seasonal clothes out.  I know many people don’t as they have plenty of space but by packing it away, it feels like you’ve been shopping when you get it all out and so limits the amount of new clothes you feel that you need to buy.  (I am still pro buying new clothes whenever possible!) 

  2. If you haven’t worn it this summer, why would you wear it next summer?  Use this as an opportunity to sort through your clothes and decide what you are likely to wear and what outfits, however much you like them, you are never going to find that opportunity to wear it.  Bag them up and take them to a charity shop, they’re nearly always looking for donations and it’s a good way of donating to charity if you can’t financially donate. 

  3. Don’t pack too much away.  That little black t-shirt and white vest can still be worn in winter so think carefully before you put on the pack away pile, can this be layered?

  4. I don’t ever vacuum pack my summer clothes, it’s great for space saving and I religiously do it for spare duvets and pillows but not for clothes.  I hate ironing and any way of reducing the need for this, I am a fan of!  I always use suitcases and weekend bags to pack things away.  Yes they are bulky but it means that dress you shouldn’t have packed away can be found relatively easily 3 months later, it’s better for your clothes and if you plan carefully which bags you use, it doesn’t take up anymore space.

  5. Lots of people will tell you to wash all your clothes before you pack them away, personally I don’t hang clothes back up in my wardrobe unless they are clean so I don’t bother with this but what does often get ignored is any fixing that needs to happen.  The odd button, the odd tear, get them all fixed before you pack them away. 


A very wise man once said: ‘Out of clutter, find simplicity.’ That man was Albert Einstein and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about clearing out your wardrobe but it is good thought to have, always make your life as simple as possible.







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