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The perfect posh BBQ

September 6, 2015

Don’t get me wrong, I love a burger and a sausage but for very little effort you can make a much better burger than you buy in the shops and you can eat it with the satisfaction that you made it, which makes it even more yummy!  Over many a drunken BBQ, we’ve refined the perfect posh BBQ spread.  Taking any one of these to a friend’s BBQ is your sure fire way of being asked to host the next one!


Lamb and mint burgers

Prawn and chorizo skewers

Asparagus wrapped in bacon

BBQ chicken thighs

Grilled aubergine with paprika


Quinoa, feta cheese and pomegranate salad

Roasted sweet potatoes with crème fraiche and spring onion

Roasted corn on the cob with salt and pepper


Grilled romano peppers with mozzarella



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