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Clean air, clear head

August 11, 2015

I love London but sometimes it's nice to surround yourself with trees and calm.  Kew Gardens is a little bit of paradise in London.  


It does cost a bit to get in and they charge you more on the door so try to pre-book your tickets.  Currently it's £16.50 on the door but £14 if bought before.  but they really do make it worth it when you're in.  


It is full of West-London mummies and children but equally, it's the kind of place you could take your Grandma who will love The Orangery, where you can have afternoon tea and taking a walk around the conservatories.  


The tree top walkway is incredible and there seems to always be some kind of festival or special event on.  At the moment they have a spice festival running all summer which has some great little event activations.  


They have some strange looking inflatables, one that is supposed to look like a garlic and one that is supposed to look like a nutmeg.  They're not great to look at but what is clever is the little zip which lets you look inside and a fan pushes out the smell of each  (the garlic or nutmeg) is intense, a very clever way to encourage you to go to one of the many cafes.

I find that taking myself back to nature and walking around somewhere like Kew is a great source of inspiration, it clears your head.  



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