Our Top 10 Tools to Organise your life and work

10. WUNDERLIST (Android and iOS) | Make lists, add subtasks, share with your partner/colleague. Easy to use and effective. What more could you need?

9. TASKADAY (Android) | Looking to build a new habit(s)? This simple app colour codes the various things you’d like to do each day (e.g. meditate, write 500 words) & builds a beautifully coloured rainbow which you won’t want to break.

8. MONEFY (Android and iOS) | A simply budgeting app to keep track of the money you spend each day. Not a big business budget, more adding up your personal expenditure and which categories your money mainly goes. Good for an easy overview.

7. SORTD | A gmail plug-in which allows you to sort your emails into lists. Open each email and make notes alongside it as well as rename, highlight or add a reminder. A pop-in asking for your daily focus also helps you keep on task.

6. MOMENT (iOS) | QUALITY TIME (Android) | Apps to track how much time you spend on your phone. Excellent for a kick up the bum realisation if you’ve been wondering why you don’t have enough hours in the day to get your work done.  This will give you your answer (hint: the culprit is probably Instagram…).

5. HOOTSUITE | Does your business rely on social media for its main source of clients? It’s important to have a strong social presence but we know the time & energy involved in posting each day can be overwhelming. Hootsuite links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & pushes posts to the platforms at the times you schedule so you can spend time on it once a week only instead.

4. FOREST | App encouraging you to ‘Stay focused, Be Present’ – be rewarded with a forest of trees when you’ve not used your phone for a certain period of time (which you choose). ‘Plant’ a tree each time you start a focused task and tag what you’re spending your time on (work, sport, rest etc). Even better, the more time you’re off your phone the more ‘coins’ you earn which are used to plant real-life trees around the world. At the time of writing, 298,481 trees had been planted!

3. ENPASS | Always forgetting your passwords? Or perhaps you use one password for everything which you know is not what we’d call ‘secure’? Enpass sits on your phone, unlocked with a master password or your fingerprint, stores your passwords & generates random strings of numbers, letters & characters to make your password unhackable!

2. EVERNOTE | Banish those random desktop pdf’s and folders into this enormous online notebook. Save webpages, pdfs, images, videos and audio, handwrite directly into the app, tag your notes & organise into notebook ‘stacks’. A paid subscription gives you a powerful search tool which can look within pdf’s and capture business card information from a quick photo. Evernote Evangelists share how they use the app on YouTube and Evernote Consultants can help organise your team’s workflow.

1. TRELLO (online | Android | iOS) | Our favourite free tool for work, life, everything.  If your work is project-based, this is an excellent tool to organise yourself and your team members or clients.  A bit like Trello but better.  Easy to create multiple lists, move things between lists, integrate tasks with your emails and calendar and it has a nicely considered design too.  Every client that we have recommended this to has loved it!

What are your favourite tools?

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