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Sustainable Growth Consultants. Career Coaches. Facilitators. Creative and Event Industry Experts.


I believe that we can all be happier than we are.  Imagination and confidence is what stops us.  It’s because I believe that we can all be better than we are.  Fancy being happier and more successful?  Read on!


I’ve worked with some incredibly driven people over the years, people that are fiercely driven and some that are fearfully lost.  


So I’m a Business and Career Coach who works with people who want to make a change in their life but need someone to help them take action.  It might be a lightening bolt moment, it might be something that builds up over many years, but there has already been a shift in how you see the world, the reason you are reading this.  This is the first step and this is huge!  Well done you! 

Confidence is essential but I know that it is one of the hardest things to achieve.  This is where our mind-set part of the journey will begin, making sure that you know you can it, not by just shouting you can do it at you, but making sure we work through all the things that you think mean that you can’t achieve your dreams. 


Years of working for other people, following the traditional career path set my life in motion, in a direction that I felt like I didn’t have a huge amount of control over.  I didn’t particularly feel out of control, but I didn’t know why I was making the decisions I was making. 

I was on the train and I know I was moving, but I didn’t really know which direction or why.  I hit some roadworks on that track, something that was totally out of my control, something which I would normally get really frustrated by and complain but there was some small voice in the back of my head telling me that like in the Gwyneth Paltrow film Sliding Doors, these roadworks were going to be a defining moment for me.  As the train slowed down, I got off the train. 


I did it.  My feet carried me off in a direction and as I was walking, I managed to find out what I was heading towards and why.  I’ve now jumped back on a new train and my life is moving fast, but this time in the direction I want.


I knew I had to take the opportunity, I had to try and get on the right train.  It would have been safer to stay on the train, it would have been easier to stay on the train but I knew that I needed to get off that train if I ever wanted to be truly happy and be the me that I had this hope I could be. Now, nothing is getting in my way. 


I used to run a successful marketing business, I had autonomy in my job, I had a team and a steady salary.  I enjoyed my work, I enjoyed the industry and it was comfortable.  I found myself spending more and more time focusing on my team, what was best for them.  I set up mentoring programmes, reviewed all the team communications and personal development planning.  


Now, when I look back, the bit that made me feel the most alive was seeing them develop.  I had a young team, people straight from university who were still trying to find out what they wanted from life.  The pride that being part of that process gave me was immense, I knew that this is what I wanted to do.  I wanted to help people work out what they really wanted.  Coaching was where my heart was.  


I started studying, I started writing my blog and I changed my mindset.  I knew that I wanted to take the hard path to happiness.  I wanted to buy a travelcard that meant I could be on whatever train I wanted, I wanted to regain control, I just needed to learn to embrace the spontaneity and the uncertainty.  Ironically, the new lack of certainty was exactly what I needed to feel more in control.  


So if I've managed to make such a big life change, I know you can too.  


When you change the way you think about what is possible, you make sure that change is possible.  Huge changes can happen, your dreams are being controlled by you.  Nervous entrepreneurs, graduates, experienced professionals who want a career change, I can help you.


No more ifs. No more buts. You only live once.