Management Academy

Develop Management Skills to Optimise Team Performance

The No More Ifs Or Buts Management Academy focuses on developing the skills of managers so that they can lead a slick and productive team.

It highlights and embeds the importance of emotional intelligence throughout the programme, elevating managers from being good at the day-to-day to great people managers. In addition, it ensures managers understand how to communicate to achieve optimum teamwork.

The personal assessment tool DiSC is used to profile delegates entering the Academy. Their results are then integrated throughout the programme by building their understanding of the following factors:


The Academy is broken down into 10 modules:

1. Insights

The programme opens with an introductory coaching session. This core session encourages managers to understand what makes them unique, by identifying their own values and how their values align with the organisation’s values. In addition, this module identifies their current skills and includes goal setting to define where they’d like to be in the future.

2. Connecting through communication

Communication drives connection and this module explores how different communication styles and adapting to other peoples’ styles makes managers’ lives easier. It also looks at how to have the best difficult conversations and build the confidence to tackle issues before they escalate, while avoiding potential conflict and acrimony amongst team members.

3. Strengthen your emotional intelligence

The need for high emotional intelligence is golden thread binding the whole programme together. But Module 3 focuses entirely on the subject, especially the aspects managers might need to personally work on. It examines what learners need to understand about themselves, supporting their understanding of to connect with others.

4. Creating a high-performance team

This module explores boosting a team from a group of talented individuals to a high performing force to be reckoned with. What’s needed to craft and develop an aligned team that thrives on collaboration? Managers learn how to to harness the power of the whole team, and are coached to have impactful performance conversations and give constructive feedback.

5. Building an innovation hub

In this module, managers are shown how to approach problem-solving in a structured way to give space for innovative solutions. It looks at how to balance the risk of change with the need for development, to keep pace with and stay ahead in their industry, avoiding the risk of lagging behind.

6. Harnessing diverse mindsets

Looking at diversity and unconscious bias at an introductory level, this module gives managers the confidence to build and embed a diversity-reliant culture in their teams. It demonstrates how to support and encourage diverse thinking, and manage more challenging situations that might arise.

7. Learning and therefore guiding

This module discusses the ‘what and how’ roadmap, exploring learning models, learning cycles, situational leadership, and psychological contracting. These terms sound very academic. Yet they equip managers to identify motivators and use this to fire up team members.

8. Maximise your productivity

Many managers don’t clearly understand how to structure their day to make it as easy as possible. This module delves into how to maximise productivity and create boundaries in their day using positive habits. Beyond this, the module also looks at developing metrics beyond a sales target.

9. Creating a supportive and resilient team

As the role of managers expands, this module looks at identifying the signs of mental strain. Furthermore, it provides stress management tools and techniques for managers to support themselves and others when needed. These methods support learners inside and outside of work, drawing on insights from our B Corp certified sister company Stress Matters.  

10. Managing your personal brand

Managers are more successful when team members know and understand what their core capabilities and goals are, and what they stand for. This module reviews managers’ goals to measure how their personal brand is developing, and how it can continue to develop in the future.


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Our Management Academy is suitable for 10-20 people. But rest assured we understand each of our clients has different needs. So, these modules can be built into online, hybrid or face-to-face workshops across a convenient number of days or weeks. 


Find out even more about the Academy and how it benefits your business here.

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