Go from Good to GREAT, Team Communication

Ignite your team from good to GREAT with our team communication workshop!

Beginning with a comprehensive DiSC assessment for each team member, this workshop is designed to leverage communication for success—with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders.

But, achieving high performance is nuanced. It extends far beyond hitting targets. This is why we look at what it means to be a great team, and evaluate if success was reached optimally, or with undue stress.

DiSC Profiling

DiSC® is a premier assessment tool, uniquely crafted to spark teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. It empowers individuals with profound self-awareness by decoding their key behavioural drivers, such as:

  • Response to conflict
  • Motivations
  • Stressors
  • Problem-solving approaches

    Yet, understanding each other's diverse learning styles and behavioural tendencies is just the start.

    Truly great teams transform this awareness into a strategy for collective excellence. They do this by identifying and overcoming the five dysfunctions typically hindering high performance:

    1. Absence of trust
    2. Fear of conflict
    3. Lack of commitment
    4. Avoidance of accountability
    5. Inattention to results


    Half-day workshop

    The magic happens when a collective review of DiSC reports guides your team to a deeper understanding of each other's profiles. Forearmed with mutual respect and knowledge, they’re equipped to work collaboratively and strategically, through peak efficiency and teamwork, in support of your business objectives.

    This workshop is a three-hour session for up to 25 team members, with as many workshops being run as needed to involve your entire workforce.

    Book a discovery call in with us here to find out more about building fully aligned high performing teams that exceed business goals in ways that are healthy, balanced, and sustainable.

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