Go from Good to GREAT, Team Communication

Get your team moving from good to GREAT with our team communication workshop. No matter the size we will take your team through a DiSC assessment to find their individual profiles followed by a half-day workshop where they will learn what this profile means and how they can use that information to communicate more effectively with clients and colleagues.


DiSC Profiling

DiSCĀ® is a personal assessment tool used to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

There are many benefits to having your team take a DiSC Profile. On an individual level, it will improve their self-awareness as DiSC profiles show how you respond to conflict, what motivates you or causes you stress, and how you solve problems. On a team level DiSC profiles show you other people’s learning styles and behavioural tendencies which therefore teaches you how you can communicate with them to yield better results.

Team members will be asked to complete a quiz which will discover their DiSC profile. They will then receive a full report which will explain what their profile means both personally and professionally. The report will give some tips on how they can use this information to improve communication with other colleagues who present a different profile.


Half-day workshop

Once your team have completed their DiSC profile individually we will review the reports as a team to explain what their profile means personally and how they can use that information to communicate better with each other professionally.

Looking at it from a business, team and individual level the team leave this session with an action plan on how they can truly understand each other and therefore work more effectively together.

This workshop is a 3 hour session for up-to 25 of your team, with as many workshops being run as needed to involve your whole workforce.


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