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Sustainable Growth Consultants. Career Coaches. Facilitators. Creative and Event Industry Experts.


The founder of No More Ifs Or Buts - Laura, spent over 15 years in the creative marketing industry, and in particular the events industry.  

Moving her career from putting on events to helping people that put on events, Laura now supports the industry through coaching and soft skill development training, workshops she has designed specifically for the event industry.  Founding Stress Matters, a pledge scheme for to reduce stress in the events industry and also helping business owners sell their event businesses, we have a good view of all angles of the industry.    

She was awarded the inaugural 35 under 35, one of top industry women in business and voted number 36 in the Event Top 100.  She is now a member of the Event Industry Board Talent Steering Group focusing on how to improve the training opportunities for the events industry.   

Apprenticeship Trainer

Laura is very proud to be one of the founding trainers for the only specialist provider of Event Management Apprenticeship training.  Find our more here.

Visiting Lecturer

Supporting the academic side of the events industry, Laura is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire on their Event Management Degree.


One of the key learning guides for the event industry, the Event Management For Dummies guide was written by Laura Capell and published by John Wiley & Sons.

Purchase your copy here or from any good bookstore.