A year ago, what could you not do that you can do now?

So many of the improvements and achievements we make in life are small, so small.

But they all add up and they need to be celebrated.

Last year, I couldn’t imagine pitching my business for investment, and fast-forward a year, and I was shortlisted for a Virgin Start-up Investment Accelerator.

I didn’t just jump straight there and didn’t even know that would be part of my path. What I did do was open myself up to opportunities.

I set out my intention of wanting investment and I said yes to things that scared me.

Sometimes the intention can seem scary and big, but there’s nothing wrong with that – it means you’re aiming big.

How you get there though will be hundreds of small steps, hundreds of little commitments that you are more than capable of.

Set the intention but don’t be scared by the size of it.

Don’t Just Be.  Be Confident.

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As an experienced board member and Managing Director, our founder, Laura Capell-Abra knew that the day to day fire-fighting of running a business often over-took the need to look to the future. No More Ifs or Buts was developed to help businesses create a culture of continuous development.