When we accept that it’s OK to feel like an imposter, we acknowledge that we are pushing ourselves.

We are putting ourselves in a position where we are growing, learning, trying new things.

But it has to remain an active state.

When feelings of being an imposter freeze us, we miss opportunities to grow and develop as a person.

How would someone that deserves to be in that situation act?  If someone more confident than you had this opportunity, what would they do?

Be that person.  Name that person.

Who is the confident version of you?


Don’t Just Be.  Be Confident.

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As an experienced board member and Managing Director, our founder, Laura Capell-Abra knew that the day to day fire-fighting of running a business often over-took the need to look to the future. No More Ifs or Buts was developed to help businesses create a culture of continuous development.