Culture Clinics and Values Discovery

Culture Clinics

Talent attraction and retention is hugely important at the moment.  Make sure your company culture is acting as a major pull rather than turning talent away.  Our Culture Clinic looks at what is going well culture-wise and what needs working on.  

  • Review of your values and behaviours framework
  • Interactive workshop/s to galvanise your team into embracing your approach
  • Internal communications plan to further embed your values
  • Recommendations as to ways to improve your culture

Whether your company has 5 people or 500 people, our Culture Clinics ensure you and the team are aligned when it comes to what you’re trying to achieve culture-wise.  If you don’t have a clear set of company values, our Values Discovery session is your first step…


Values Discovery

Company values have a bad reputation.  Random words plastered on a meeting room wall. Words that people don’t quite understand and more often than not, words that people don’t care about.

When done right though, company values bring in talent, they inspire workforces, they become your USP.  

Our Values Discovery session is for companies that need to develop a set of values that drive a unified approach to team behaviour.  Whether you are ready to super-charge your company growth and want to solidify your solid culture or you’re struggling with the team not pulling in the same direction.  Our Values Discovery session sets you on the right path.

  • Review of marketing collateral, internal documentation and communications
  • Interactive workshop/s to uncover what the team believes your values to be
  • Development of a values approach and behaviours framework unique to your business

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