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Benefits of Career Coaching

For the employees:

Working with a coach to understand yourself better is the biggest benefit of coaching.  Our clients often don't realise how little they understand their own thought processes and approaches before they start their coaching.

For the employees:

This knowledge of oneself means that you can better understand what causes issues in relationships and how to avoid and overcome conflict.  That difficult boss suddenly seems to be a lot less frustrating and conversations become smoother.

For the employees:

By understanding more about how you work, your energy levels, what tasks you find easier and harder, your coach will help you plan your week in a way that will make you more efficient and manage your time better.  Those micro-efficiencies add up quickly.  

For the employees:

Everyone experiences some negative impacts of stress and reducing this is a big benefit from coaching.  Your coach will help you understand your triggers and also your symptoms of stress, creating a plan that will help remove avoidable stress.

The benefits for the employers are also huge. 

By having a team of more self-aware individuals, your teams will work better together, you will have happier and healthier team members who will be more efficient in their roles.  And we all know that more efficient employees makes for more productive employees which makes for a more profitable team.  (If you like numbers, let us know and we can help you work out the impact it could have on your team.)


Don't Just Be.  Be More Caring.