Complete the Leadership Academy Scorecard

Want to put your Leadership skills to the test?

Whether you work in events, marketing, or finance if you lead a team we’re sure you face similar struggles. This scorecard is great for highlighting your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve on them and ultimately level up your team connections.

If you are based in HR, ask your leaders to complete it and see where their current strengths and weaknesses are.

You’ll be scored against the following key areas:

  • What it takes to be an authentic leader
  • Understanding who you are and your personal brand
  • Connecting through communication
  • Strengthening your emotional intelligence
  • Coaching as a leadership style
  • How you learn and therefore how you guide
  • Setting your strategy
  • Managing the complexities of stakeholders

The scorecard will only take 3-5 minutes to complete and when you finish you will get a full report of your results emailed to you for FREE!

Complete the scorecard here!

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