Navigating the 7Cs of a Crisis

Navigating the 7Cs of a Crisis

We understand the difficulties many leaders face in a crisis and times of uncertainty. Our Navigating the 7Cs of a Crisis Programme will provide the key members of your team the skills they need to manage their teams through a crisis. Invest in your managers today so we can support and make them better leaders for tomorrow!

Join our Navigating the 7Cs of a Crisis Programmes

  1. Corporate taster
    Find out how you can take advantage of your free corporate taster webinar today!

  2. 4-week Online Personal Development Bootcamp
    Make the best of self isolation and use it as a time to self develop! We can offer your team one-to-one help in key areas such as leadership and time management.

  3. Coaching Through Crisis
    Our coaching through crisis series will will explore the 7C’s while focusing on key areas like emotional intelligence and resilience. To find out more read our blogs here.

  4. 3-month Online Lunchtime Programme 
    With 18 expert-led workshops to choose from, our sessions can be built into a 3 month online programme with weekly sessions that works for you and your team in this time of uncertainty. Up to 50 team members in each virtual session
    £3,500 + VAT (equalling £5pp/pw).

  5. 6-month Email Coaching Programme
    For large, disparate teams that you want to develop or reward during this challenging time with a tool that will promote self-awareness and enhance skills. We can help coach your team through times of crisis. For more information click here.

  6. 6-month Video Call Coaching Programme
    For busy team members that want the benefits of coaching and help with managing in a crisis. Coaching can be done anywhere in the world using the technology that works for your team. We will coach you to be a better leader and help look after your team through uncertainty. For more information click here.

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