Client Testimonials

We are very proud of the work we do with our clients and know we have an impact on their efficiency, confidence and wellbeing.  Don’t take our word for it though, hear insights from our clients about their experience working with us.

Having this mirror held up essentially then helping me to challenge myself with my own preconceptions

Stephen Chester, ISBA

Time Management session: Relevant and focused training

NOTHS attendee

I find myself talking about far more important issues that perhaps I hadn’t realised previously

Matt Grey, INVNT

Presentations Half-day workshop: Learn a lot about yourself and encourages you to think on the spot

GPJ attendee

A sense of getting to the nub of the issue very, very quickly and a pragmatic responsiveness that’s meant that we’ve been able to make progress much more quickly than we might otherwise

Phil Smith, ISBA

Self-awareness session: Fantastic opportunity to explore self-awareness, really useful

NEC attendee

Emotional Intelligence session: Can help everyone from partners to new starters

Ingleton Wood attendee

Delegating session: Whether you manage 1 person, or a large team, these sessions are applicable to everyone and the techniques can be used across the board on any level up to management

UVL attendee

We saw a number of people… really begin to flourish and grow into their roles and expand out of their previous boundaries

Phil Smith, ISBA

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