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Let’s get flexible, flexible

Whilst Tim Robbins top-selling book sells the dream of doing very little work, travelling the world and making a whole lot of money, it’s not realistic for most people. For those who do a job they enjoy with a personal life they love, working slightly fewer hours with more flexibility would make all the difference. (more…)

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How to find more ‘slow’ in your business

Slow living’ is a term used to describe a way of life which gives you time to notice & enjoy the little things – those things which can often escape us when we’re buried deep in our busy schedules. (more…)

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TED Talks: 10 Most Inspirational Videos on Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader? How does one become a great leader? What does it really take? These are questions that the best leaders of all time ask themselves constantly, and that’s probably part of what makes them great. (more…)

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Where is the love?

So the month of (consumerist-driven) love is over. You hopefully feel surrounded by love in your personal life, leaving us with the question – do you love your job? Is it something you’ve dreamed of doing since you were small? Does it light you up when you talk about it; feel excited about how it will grow and change over the years? (more…)

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Why Scaling Your Small Business Doesn’t Need a Big Budget

In the competitive world of startups, we tend to pay a lot of attention to flashy success stories. (more…)

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Who wants more sex?

Stress impacts what goes on in the bedroom.  You know that a good night’s sleep can help reduce stress but last week we were also told that stress is impacting our sex lives too. (more…)

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D is for Diversity

Did you know that companies with the least diversity are 29% less likely to be profitable? (more…)

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Let’s talk about Stress Baby!

Life can be a stressful business and business can cause a stressful life. With World Mental Health Awareness Day coming up on October 10th, we thought this would be a good time to tackle stress and mental health at work: causes, ways to tackle it as an employer/employee and lots of resources to assist you along the way. (more…)

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Our Top 10 Tools to Organise your life and work

Our Top 10 Tools to Organise your life and work (more…)

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September: Like January, but better

There’s something about the first chilly morning of September which gets us thinking about new starts. With just four months of the year to go, your new year resolutions may be forgotten. We’re here to give you a last little (gentle) kick of motivation to have you finish this year on that high note you’d hoped for back in January. Here are our reasons why September is the rich man’s January – let’s get you excited for this new season! (more…)

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