Bitesize Breakfast Workshops

Our Bitesize Breakfast Workshops offer a great insight into how to tackle many common workplace challenges. They are designed to be highly interactive, providing attendees with thought-provoking tasks and valuable tips which they can take away and apply to everyday work and life.

These workshops run monthly at idyllic venues across London courtesy of our partnership with Unique Venues of London. Each workshop lasts around an hour and costs just £50pp. Discounts for multiple workshops available upon request.

To join any of our workshops please complete the form on this page and specify the workshop you would like to attend.

Wednesday 24th June – Nail Your Negotiations – Design Museum, London
Looking at the importance of preparation in negotiations and the different scenarios that can occur. Practical tips on how to be more confident and ready for the big meetings.

Climb The Leadership Ladder – Coming Soon
Discover what kind of leader you are, what kind of leader you want to be and what your role as a leader actually entails. We look at the myth that leaders are born and focus on how we can make you better leaders.

Problem Solve Like A Pro – Coming Soon
Understand how you can best approach problems, how can You understand how others approach problems and then join forces. An introduction to various techniques to inspire more structured problem-solving.

Build Your Team – Coming Soon
How to have these conversations successfully, how to provide constructive feedback and the longer term implications of avoiding having difficult conversations regarding performance issues.

Constructive Conflict – Coming Soon
Learn how to have confidence when dealing with conflict and harnessing situations to your advantage. We show you how conflict is not something to be scared of, it is something to embrace.

Unlock Your Confidence – Coming Soon
We know the people around you may say to you, “be more confident, you’re great.” Easier said than done though. We look at how to develop your confidence in your working and personal life.

Know Yourself Better – Coming Soon
As busy people, we are often focused on getting things done looking forward, we rarely spend time reflecting or thinking about ourselves. This session focuses on understanding your own priorities and how to approach creating the Be:Do balance.

Creating A Stress-free Team – Coming Soon
As managers, we have the responsibility to look after our team whilst also meeting the demands on your team or department. This sessions looks at how you can build a greater awareness around your team’s relationship with stress

The Art of Assertiveness – Coming Soon
Delve into how different people perceive assertiveness. What assertiveness actually is, how to do it and why it is of benefit. Learn how to take a No as a No for Now.

Emotional intelligence – Coming Soon
Those people with high emotional intelligence find it easier to build strong relationships and can manage difficult situations more calmly. In this session you will identify your EI level and how you can improve it.

Network Like A Natural – Coming Soon
Learn some basic techniques to help improve your confidence when meeting new people. Make the most of the people in the room to get the business and contacts you deserve.

Let it go… Let it go… – Coming Soon
It’s great to have the ability to delegate work but we really take full advantage of this. Often through lack of trust, lack of knowledge, lack of experience and sometimes we just forget. We will focus on how to make delegating work for you.

Success Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful – Coming Soon
Identify how you respond to stress – what your symptoms are and what your triggers are. Look at various methods to reduce stress and see how you can harness potential stressful situations to make you more successful.

Finish Work On Time – Coming Soon
Rather than get to the end of the day frustrated that you’ve not achieved what he wanted and you’re still there late, learn some tips and techniques to make sure that you manage your time better. We will help you find some time.

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