Workplace Wellbeing

Coaching and wellbeing are both in the realm of improving yourself and your team. Wellbeing is key to having a healthy, happy and engaged team while coaching can be a way of helping your employees reach their full potential. Visit our sister company Stress Matters for a more tailored wellbeing approach in the form of pledge schemes, wellbeing workshops and MHFA training.

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Our sister company Stress Matters provides a tailored approach to managing workplace wellbeing and the lovely team there can help you right from identifying what the stress level is, all the way through to providing training to support those that may be struggling with mental health conditions.

Stress Audits

Mental Health

First Aider Training

Write your wellbeing plan workshops

Coaching Clinics

Wellbeing reports

Resilience workshops

12 month wellbeing programmes and unconscious bias training

What’s even better is that all No More Ifs Or Buts clients will also get a discount on Stress Matters services.

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